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In the early years,  Old Oaks Ranch was a working cattle business and horse breeder; raising colts,
showing horses and even had a run in quarter horse racing!

Today we continue the tradition and love of horses through shared family time at the horse barn,
including plenty of laughter, leisure riding, dust, sweat, and self reflection.  




We invite  you to spend time with our equine family through our offering of personal or small group sessions.


Through meeting the herd, grooming and exploring boundaries, we can play and learn by connecting with the horses and ourselves in the present moment. It is rejuvenating and healing to enjoy a personal pause from our daily human antics, developing personal awareness and self discovery through the reflection of the horses.



Rates for sessions with the horses are
donation-based and will provide feed
and care for our barn family.



 Brandy Gibbs is certified as a facilitator in Equine Assisted Learning (EAL).  She is trained in the Epona method and continues to gain experience assisting with demos and workshops at Horse Link  
in the piney woods of Bastrop, TX.



No riding is involved in our horse meetings and sessions.  All work is done on the ground.


Meet our Motley Crew

We'll meet you at the barn.